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     Key Areas/Pitfalls in achieving Anti-Aging/Longevity.
Truly "HOT STUFF", beyond health practices.

TELOMERES: Extensions at the end of the DNA in your cells; true aging modalities. Longest at birth - humans have 54 subdivisions, shortening by one unit each time cells divide. There is a direct correlation between life span, wellness, and telomere length; not killing ourselves with the wrong health practices - using up all 54 subdivisions - would result in a maximum life span of 110 to 120 years. IV drug abuse and stress are the strongest telomere-shortening, and exercise is the strongest telomere-sustaining factors.

Longevity Studies, using Swiss Albino Mice (with cancer rates very much like humans) Life span increases/decreases overlap closely with human longevity data. Now confirmed with newer studies. See e-book "LIFE-LONG HEALTH; learn how to Control Your Genes to Stay Young with Age."


Two High-Risk Road Blocks to Health - - - GMOs and weather modification Chemtrail Spraying.

Even though kept covert, Chemtrail spraying is an apparent attempt to balance Global Warming; preventing/blocking some sun energy from reaching earth. The present extreme Global Warming is due to the GW-Blunder of all times - - - not responding to top scientist's warnings about extreme, accelerated, arctic ice losses (now confirmed). The pristine arctic ice used to reflect 85% of incoming sun energy - equivalent to 4 Hiroshima atomic bomb/second - back into space.

BELOW: BEFORE and AFTER. ANIMAL SENSING. Give squirrels a choice between GMO and ORGANIC  corn, and they'll eat the organic corn, leaving the GMO aberrations untouched. GMO chemicals - from herbicides to pesticides - are high-risk endocrine disrupters.

Lab rats, fed both types of GMO-corn(*), had no choice but to eat it; would you? (*) one,  resistant against herbicide, treated with large amounts of cancer- and ED-causing Glyphosate, the other with a gene in it's DNA that makes it's own pesticide.

BELOW: CAUGHT BY NASA SATELLITE. More than 30 airplanes, side-by-side, spraying endocrine-disrupting toxins (Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, others) "to lay a shield against sun energy from reaching earth". For more of this - "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW" - earth-poisoning atrocities see Chemtrails. Click Here

More awry-gone Geoengineering attempts by the SRM (Solar Radiation Management) Frankestein apprentice ElToroPooPoo-ers?  Millions of Ice bolders washing up on a shore near the arctic in Siberia after Chemtrail spraying.  Click Here


Endocrine Disruption: Pollutants in the environment - BPA from plastics, chemtrail spray ingredients, pesticides, GMO herbicide glyphosate, industrial chemicals - - mimic pathways in your body that induce estrogen (female hormone) production. Imagine this going on in a young male body - doused with female hormones - it will cause great confusion, inducing transgenderism. TIME cover story about the (in the US alone) 1,5 million male transgenders, all wanting to become females; "just coming out of the closet?" Nonsense, induced by environmental toxins! Listen to Florida U professor Theo Coolburn, warning about the endocrine disruption risks of pollutants: Video Click Here

For science details, mechanism of action:  Click Here

Bringing earth, now on a path of total self destruction, back to a healthy equilibrium simply requires a great reduction in CO2 production - cutting down (about 50%) on burning carbon (coal, oil, gas) fuels. We - definitely - have the non-polluting energy alternatives to do so. Click Here

German HYDROGEN TRAIN, 100% pollution-free, is just one of the many areas of hydrogen technology. Or just GOOGLE "Prof. Dan Nocera, Harvard, Hydrogen-tech.