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"The current political situation in Washington, DC, poses a grave threat  to science, our democracy, and our health and security.  Science - free from political interference - is fundamental to building a healthier planet and a safer world."        UCS, Union of Concerned Scientists.

Due to the Climate Change denial by top Washington Ignoramuses, pushed by the carbon ElToroPooPoo-ers, President Trump and the US have become THE – key experts say terminal/irreversible – cause of Earth’s downhill slide into the abyss of no return. Our ONLY chance to reverse this downhill trend would be if all world nations – together – would follow a path similar to the time when the US entered WW-II, and in a concerted all-out effort, with everything we’ve got, to reverse GW, Climate Change..

 Mr. Spock calling Earth - Bill Maher – HELP!    Part I.  https://www.expertclick.com/NewsRelease/Mr-Spock-Calling-Earth-Bill-Maher-HELP,2018158802.aspx

Doomsday Clock advanced to 1 Minute to Midnight! - - Compliments of Trump & Henchmen.     https://www.expertclick.com/NRWire/Releasedetails.aspx?id=156435

“IF YOU READ ONLY ONE BOOK, THIS IS THE ONE! The first step in dealing with the many schemes special interests are pulling over on us is to know what is going on.

Numerous times we – IAAM – have pointed out how we are being manipulated (actually ElToroPooPoo-ed; trying to be polite), and in the process our health, environment, and money go down the drain.

Prof. Robert Lustig’s book is a MUST READ - - - not only to prevent getting ripped off and led into addiction (by the sugary fast food or opioid interests, for example), but also to sustain your God-given health.”

Hans J. Kugler, PhD, International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Click on: The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate takeover of Our Bodies and Brains: Robert H. Lustig: 9781101982587: Amazon.com: Books

Explores how industry has manipulated our most deep-seated survival instincts”. David Perlmutter, MD

If you believe the (we conclude carbon/oil) ElToroPooPoo – that those white/brown trails in the sky are airplane contrails – THINK AGAIN. 

If you live in California, LA area – and looked up into the now milky/brown sky – you witnessed Chemtrails at the rate of 15/hr. Watch this CHEMTRAIL PRIMER:(Click Here) and (Click Here)

Do you have Solar Panels installed on your house? Get ready to get shocked - - by a bill from Edison, or whoever your utilities company is! 

When you have a larger solar panel system installed on your house – as we do, 3.4 kwh, twice the size for a 1-family house – your utilities company only sends you an up-date bill once a year; I installed a larger system because I had planned to buy an electric car and - if you charge an electric car with your own electricity – it was calculated to cost only around $ 2.80 to drive 100 miles. The excess electricity that you make with your solar system the utilities company uses in the afternoon when rates are high, but they only refund you at the – almost nothing – midnight rate.

Still without an electric car – imagine my surprise - I was shocked to get an electricity bill for $ 956.00 for the past year.  My solar system checked: “works fine.”

Asking around, and doing several GOOGLE searches, I learned that the Chemtrail sprays that are supposed to block sun energy from reaching earth also reduce solar panel output by about 20% - - even though, off-the-record, insiders suggest it is more.

Recognize the ill-logic of reducing solar panel output with Chemtrail spraying (ingredients causing Alzheimer’s, Autism, inflammation – the starting point for major diseases like cancer - , are endocrine disrupting and transgenderism inducing), when solar is our #1 clean energy source to reverse Climate Change! Do we have true pseudo-scientific – 100% - lunatics in charge of this (kept covert) chemtrail spraying? We – IAAM – have the right to ask this question; just recently we asked our clean energy experts - - Prof. Dan Nocera at Harvard, prof. Kirk Smith, MIT, scientists in other countries - - if they had been asked to contribute to solving/reversing Global Warming, and nobody confirmed such an invitation. “Why don’t you ask the carbon bullies?” we heard a lot.

NASA Satellite is tracking carbon emissions from space. A “MUST SEE” illustration that explains why CO2 is the key compound in causing Global Warming – Climate Change – and why urgently needed countermeasures must not be delayed; excellent pictorial illustrations.   (Click Here)

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Improving soil health could capture extra carbon to the equivalent of the transport sector, experts say.  Better soil management could boost carbon stored in the top layer of the soil by up to 1.85 gigatonnes each year, about the same as the carbon emissions of transport globally, according to a study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports journal.  (Click Here)

Here in the US billionaire Tom Steyer started to demonstrate these principles years ago. (Click Here) and (Click Here)

Trump Pick for Top Environment Post - Kathleen Hartnett White: “Carbon Dioxide Is The Gas of Life  There are no better words than “scientifically retarded” to describe this claim. She is another non-scientist (studied - M.A. - Humanities & Religion at Stanford University).  Q.: If we put Ms. White into a room filled with CO2, what would happen?  A.: She would die within minutes.
(Click Here)

For REAL science facts – connecting the dots - check out (Click Here)

With Scott Pruitt, non-scientist, and science facts denying lawyer as Head of the EPA, A NEW  PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC REALITY EVOLVES:

Monsanto, the agrichemical company that produces genetically modified seeds and the herbicide Roundup, among others, has become known as the “world’s most evil corporation”(1). Their callous disregard for the welfare of humans and the environment certainly makes them deserving of this label. Now, imagine this scenario for a moment: The world’s most evil corporation as a puppeteer pulling the strings of the federal watchdog organizations that are supposed to regulate them and protect public health. Nothing good could come from such a scenario, could it? Well, sadly it’s exactly what’s been going on in the United States for a long time.   (Click Here)


AMERICA: Doused with, ever increasing, 1.8 million Tons of Endocrine Disrupting - transgenderism inducing - GMO Glyphosate since its introduction.

A study published in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe reveals that Americans have applied 1.8 million tons of glyphosate since its introduction in 1974.

Read more about this poisoning of America at “PROBLEM AREAS; GMOs”.


GMOs revealed: Don’t miss this series of 9 – no charge – videos (click here)

Global Alert News, August 19th, 2017
Geoengineerng/Chemtrail high altitude Spraying
(click here)

How many people on all sides of political fences are caught up in the latest mass distraction campaign being waged by the power structure? The Virginia protests have been used to completely blot out any coverage of the converging global catastrophes that are closing in from countless directions. “Apocalypse” shelters are selling at a record pace, how much longer will their owners survive as compared to the rest of us? Record heat, record hail, record lake temperatures, record fires, record crop loss, record fish die-off, is there anything positive to pass on?

Meet the Senior Federal Official Blowing the Whistle on Trump's Suppression of Climate Science:

Is the Trump administration trying to silence government scientists from working or talking about climate change? According to news reports, as many as 50 senior Interior Department officials have been reassigned since Ryan Zinke became head of the department. We speak with Joel Clement, a senior official at the Interior Department. Up until recently, he focused on the dangers that climate change poses to Alaska Native communities in the Arctic. But, without explanation, Clement was recently transferred to an unrelated job within the Interior Department—he now collects royalty checks from oil and gas companies. Clement believes he was targeted for speaking out about climate change. He went public with his concerns in the pages of The Washington Post, where he wrote a piece titled I'm a scientist. I'm blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.   (click here)


MASSIVE iceberg - - the size of the State of Delaware - -  breaks off from Antarctica.  This will not raise ocean levels because it is already floating on water.

HOWEVER – big warning from several studies: Larson-C was protecting Thwaites glacier and Greenland ice in general from temperature increases/melting. With Larson-C gone, future Greenland ice melts will raise ocean levels by as much as 7.5 meters, or about 28 feet, and putting cities that are close to oceans under water.
This is something you must see;  (click here) Then click on the Video.
Or at NASA: (click here)
For more science details: (click here)

This is Hot: DOWNLOAD for free "GEOENGINEERING, A Chronicle of Indictment", an impressive 20-page pictorial of the geoengineering BLUNDERS.  Click Here
THANK YOU Dane Wigington for your generosity in making this most important work available at no charge!

Has the EPA under Scott Pruitt become the protector of Monsanto and it's highly toxic GLYPHOSATE? - - - also causing endocrine disruption and inducing transgenderism, with (in the US alone) 1.6 million males wanting to become females.  Article by Dr. Mercola:

"Unveiling the Glyphosate Conspiracy"   Click Here

For knowledgeable scientists it is clear that the past carbon/oil slime tactics (1.) and extreme weather manipulation screw-ups (2.), allowing the near complete arctic ice losses to happen) have put earth close to, if not past, any point of recovery.
With the arctic ice nearly gone, permafrost areas are thawing and releasing methane that is up to 123 times as potent in causing global warming, thus negating the advantages of reduced CO2 levels.

(1.) Drexel U  confirms/exposes carbon industry placing BOGUS anti-climate change arguments. Click Here

(2.)  The Greed-based Climate Deniers Versus clear-cut Science Facts; BRINGING EARTH TO A POINT OF NO RETURN. PART I – The ARCTIC.  Click Here