In response to John Stossel’s article “Blame for Disaster” at TOWN-HALL (Click here) I wrote a multiple-documented response, but it was not posted “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Town hall.” But it never appears; only rarely, after some time, and when nobody looks at this page any more, it is “approved.” Here is my response to Stossel’s distortions of science facts:

Q.: How would You, or Stossel, respond to a presenter at a science-related congress who insisted that yogurt doesn't exist, 2 + 2 isn't 4, the earth is not round, and your mother didn't give birth to you?
A.: probably with "total idiot", right?
Scientists, and people who know science principles, know that this is exactly the same as denying science facts like global warming or climate change.

With nothing personal to anybody, for science ignoramuses “ignorance is bliss” applies.

Face some facts:
Global Warming, Climate Change, IS a scientifically established fact. Discussion over! THOSE WHO DENY Global Warming – Climate Change - ARE EITHER
a) TRULY IGNORANT, with not one iota of understanding science facts, incapable of comprehending the very real extreme consequences of their science facts denial, and possibly brain-washed into believing the carbon interests intentionally planted BOGUS ANTI CLIMATE CHANGE arguments.
b) BLINDED BY GREED, for purely financial reasons yodeling along with carbon interests, and allowing the GLOBAL WARMING BLUNDER OF ALL TIMES (near complete arctic ice losses, with all the earth-destruction, predicted by AMEG) to happen.

So, into which category does Stossel fit?
Stossel - sooooooooooo obviously - has joined the science facts denying carbon ElToroPoPoo-ers.

Having presented science papers at medical congresses worldwide one occasionally encounters such poorly informed know-it-all's. Being in an important position (like a carbon executive, or an associated lawyer like Scott Pruitt, trying to show allegiance to the ElToroPooPoo-ers) they are so anxious spouting bogus arguments, and don't see how they, in reality, make asses out of themselves.

In respect to the hurricanes the science is quite basic, and clear: Multiple times predicted and confirmed: The GW-associated characteristics - global temperature rise and warmer oceans - GREATLY enhance hurricanes and make killer hurricanes out of them.

Here are a few more references to straighten out facts in case you'd like to know real facts, or in case science lightening did strike a carbon Troll ElToroPooPoo-er:

Hurricane Irma (Click here)
Climate Change (Click here)

Here’s how much Exxon paid Republicans who urged Trump to ditch Paris climate deal (Click here)

Nobel Prize Winners Name Trump and His 'Ignorance' as Top Threats to World Population. (Click here)



TOWNHALL: is a site where various writers express ideas/comments in articles about anything from climate change (denial) to repealing health care, others. At the end of such - mostly opinionated - articles there is a discussion in which readers can comment. Sadly enough, when a respondent's opinion doesn't agree with the (often facts-denying, and written by special interests Troll's) articles, they just remove it.
In response to a science facts denying - - I saw it as total pseudo-scientific ElToroPooPoo - - article by Paul Driessen I wrote a reply which was immediately removed (as I see it because it didn't agree with their climate denying VooDoo). (click here)
Here is my response/post:
As a start: Points 1.) through 3.) are total nonsense, totally incorrect - pulled out of a puffed up airbag's "fantasies from fairyland." Check the (Drexel U. publication/documentation) of the carbon industry's intentionally planted BOGUS arguments (to sustain carbon profits) and you'll find these BS arguments listed right there:  Drexel U confirms/exposes carbon industry placing BOGUS anti-climate change arguments (click here)

Q.: What would happen if Driessen stood in front of a tall mirror and repeated his pseudo-scientific VooDoo ElToroPooPoo?
A.: The mirror - no question of a doubt - would crack up laughing.

It always amazes me how ignorant a science fact denier can be. Facts are facts - - like Global Warming - - and, no matter if you like them or not, we have to deal with them. The attempts to deny, and opinionate away, GW science facts has made a mockery out of the US where a con-man climate denying president - - obviously to sustain earth-destructing carbon profits - - installed climate denying ignoramuses (Scott Pruitt, lawyer, non-scientist, EPA) in positions that require knowledge in chemistry, medicine, environment, physics, endocrine disruption, more.

Q.: What would the audience's response be if a speaker at a science congress got up on the podium and spouted "yogurt doesn't exist, 2 + 2 isn't 4, the earth is not round, and your mother didn't give birth to you?
Answer: "Total idiot!" - - - and, yes, Paul Driessen, that's you. Don' you see how you make an ass out of yourself by demonstrating a total lack of understanding science facts???
For the basics (click here)

Watch for my next - soon to come - book "NUTS! to the Climate Change Denialists".
For an overview with more details: (click here)

HAS_WHORING_FOR_$$$ - - science_facts_logic_vs._the Climate_Deniers_Apprentice_VooDoo_- - BROUGHT_EARTH_TO_A_POINT_OF_NO_RETURN?
The Greed Machine Behind Global Warming (click here)

Watch Leonardo DeCaprio's "BEFORE THE FLOOD" - - no charge - - for free at (click here)

BRAINLESS AND RETARDED: money above logic and common sense, come hell or high water! With solar our #1 modality to fight back against global Warming (GW), and reducing electricity costs at the same time, more utility companies - - this time in Nevada - - are doing everything to make it more difficult for customers to install solar. (click here)

The CORBETT Report- sounding science-based at first glance - is, so obviously, another attempt (by the carbon interests?) to ElToroPooPoo us about climate change being questionable (to say the least); data are fudged, facts are denied, true lies are told. YIKES! What won't they say to ElToroPooPoo the world?

Our Suggestion: Keep an eye on Tesla’s Powerwall. Tesla’s new $3,500 10kWh Powerwall home battery lets you ditch the grid.
Watch the video: F A S C I N A T I N G ! NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! (click here)

Japan: Toyota is using Hydrogen from sewage sludge to power its new electric car.
In Fukuoka, Japan, the automaker is converting human waste into hydrogen to fuel the Mirai. The process is pretty simple. At a wastewater treatment plant, like the Fukuoka City Central Water Processing Plant, sewage is separated into liquid and solid waste. The solid waste, called sewage sludge, is exactly what it sounds like: a foul-smelling, brown lump. Most sewage sludge is thrown in landfills.
But in Fukuoka, microorganisms are added to the mix. These microorganisms break down the solid waste, creating biogas, about 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide. Then, workers filter out the CO₂ and add water vapor, which creates hydrogen and more CO₂. They extract the CO₂ again, and voila: pure hydrogen.
“It’s not a new or advanced technology,” says Marc Melaina, a senior engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Denver. “In India, they have loads of biogas plants in villages and such that are just part of their energy infrastructure.”

PS: Question: What is the largest NEW, totally unnecessary, CO2-increasing factor in the world?
Answer: Palm oil! In Indonesia, Malaysia, they burn thousands of acres of rain forest to make space for Palm trees. Palm oil is in demand because it "is natural, and contains antioxidants", and used by the cosmetics industry. FACT: Palm oil, due to the high degree of saturation, is actually classified as heart disease food, and in cosmetics it will (for same reason) not go bad/oxidize. We suggest that - if you learn of a product containing palm oil - to let the manufacturer know that you will boycott this company.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Greenland is losing about 40 trillion pounds more ice a year than scientists had thought, according to a new study that used GPS to help estimate how much is melting.
So instead of losing on average 550 trillion pounds of ice each year between 2003 and 2013, Greenland lost about 590 trillion pounds , said co-author Michael Bevis of Ohio State University in a study published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances . That's about a 7.6 percent difference.
The Empire State Building weighs 730 million pounds, so 40 trillion pounds a year is the equivalent to more than 50,000 Empire State Buildings.
"If you look at the last 15 years since we've been having these measurements, it's clearly getting worse, the ice loss," Bevis said. "It is pretty scary." (click here)

Sea-level equivalents from the original SCIENCEADVANCES paper - Antarctic ice melting has the potential of raising sea levels by 7.4 meters, or about 25 feet.
From the Green1 glacial reconstruction, we infer the ice mass loss for each basin since the LGM, expressed as sea-level equivalent (SLE) (Table 2). The total SLE contribution of the GrIS since the LGM from the unaltered Green1 deglaciation history is 3.2 m. For comparison, the GrIS at present holds enough ice to raise global sea level by 7.4 m (26). Our improved deglaciation history constrained by GPS suggests an SLE contribution of 4.6 ± 0.7 m since the LGM (44% greater than Green1). The increase of 1.4 m largely originates from basins 4, 5, and 7 (Table 2). The improved deglaciation history suggests that central and southeast as well as northwest Greenland (basins 3, 4, and 7) accounted for a total 1.9-m SLE, which corresponds to 40% of the loss of the GrIS since the LGM. Our SLE estimate is consistent with an independently derived value, obtained from an ice sheet model constrained by RSL data, which estimates a maximum SLE volume of 5.1 m at 16.5 ka B.P. (10). However, the spatial distribution of the mass loss that contributes to SLE estimates is quite different. For example, we estimate more mass loss from basins 4, 5, and 7 and less from basins 1 and 2 than the HUY3 model. These basins are characterized by a high density of marine-terminating outlet glaciers. The coarse grid resolution (20 km) of the ice sheet model used in HUY3 is insufficient to resolve the flow of outlet glaciers (27), thus possibly underestimating mass loss from these areas.